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West Coast Drilling prides itself on retaining the most experienced talent in the industry. With our highly trained team of operators, fabricators, laborers, estimators and support staff, you can have confidence that your project will be completed quickly and efficiently. We specialize in drilling for refineries, geothermal energy plants, solar plants, sound walls, bridges, slide repairs, conductor piers, retaining walls, pipeline supports, steep slopes, foundations, private and public projects.


Our services

Micropiles/Tiedown Anchors are deep foundation elements constructed using high strength, small diameter steel casing and/or threaded bars.

Soil Nails are fully threaded steel bars, placed into pre-drilled holes and grouted to keep them in place.

A tieback is a structural, sub horizontal element installed in soil or rock to transfer applied tensile load into the ground.

Secant pile walls are constructed by drilling in a series of alternating primary (drilled first) and secondary (drilled second) overlapping shafts to perform a continuing secant wall.

Drilled shafts are machine drilled piles that were developed for the transfer of high loads and as an alternative to driven piles.

Helical piles are wound into the ground much like a screw into wood and are installed using a wide variety of earth-moving equipment fitted with rotary hydraulic attachments.

Soldier Piles are wide flange steel beams set in drilled shafts space at 6’ – 8’ on center, filled with concrete and or lean concrete.

What our clients say

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I am always able to depend on West Coast Drilling for my Foundation drilling needs both large and small. Having them on the project ensures the job will be completed safely and on time. Partnering with West Coast Drilling is always a great business decision.

Chuck Reiker, Senior Superintendent
ANVIL Builders