Cal Maritime Vallejo

The Eastern Hillside along Academy Drive had areas of unstable earth and the Academy Drive roadway needed to be widen and protected from future earth movement. The job also required that a 300’ long stairway be built from the upper parking area down to Academy Drive. WCD worked with OTTO construction’s team to come up with a temporary excavation and access plan to allow for the construction of a cast in place concrete wall with 24” drilled concrete piles and the stairway supported on 18” drilled concrete piles. A Soil-Mec SR 30 was used to drill the retaining wall piles, and a long reach excavator along with a smaller excavator on the slope was used to drill the stairway piles. WCD installed 83 each 24” x 16’ at the retaining wall and 36 each 18” x 10’ piles at the stairs into Sandstone Bedrock. WCD work was completed ahead of schedule and we worked closely with Otto Construction with there traffic control and scheduling restraints.


Vallejo, CA

General Contractor

Otto Construction