Piling and wall work to include: Layout based on drawings and existing structures, Coring through AC at street, Pile drilling, hole dewatering as required, casing top 10’ max if required, baker tank if required, providing setting rebar cages, providing, and placing pile concrete, removal of drill spoils, USA location and pot holing utilities at 3 each locations, protecting existing AC pavement with plywood, scaffold at loading dock wall, coring wall for dowels, wall roughening to ¼”, providing and grouting 1” SS 18-8 dowels and hardware, testing 10% of dowels to 5 kip +/-, #4 rebar @ 6” OC EW, shotcrete with a wood float finish, plugging and patching AC at piles, grind AC at new V ditch to maintain water flow, AC Overlay 380 LF x 25’ wide, Remove and Replace Concrete V ditch at loading dock wall, install new concrete curb with dowels and rebar, remove and re-install ladder.


San Pablo, CA

General Contractor